Activities - What to do?

Here are a few additional examples of the exciting hands-on exhibits that you will be able to discover:

  1. Try to touch a dice with your finger, and surprise, it will go through it as if it was a mirage
  2. See your own voice on the oscilloscopic screen,
  3. Play the light flute, without touching it! Is it possible?
  4. Try to have a regular balloon float in the air. Is it possible if it is not inflated with Helium?
  5. Decode the secret message through our special optical cylindre.
  6. Practice passing a ring along the tube without touching it?
  7. See how still pictures produce an animated cartoon.
  8. Look at your hartbeat.
  9. Observe the stream of water of our Mannekenpis. Is it continuous? Or is it made of pearls?
  10. Like a dog, follow your master lady by tracking her perfume.
  11. Play with polarized light and admire its multicolored and changing effects.
  12. Turn the wheel as fast as you can, what color do you see ?
  13. Discover our giant interactive Kaleidoscope.
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